As a digital marketing agency, our fundamental mission and guiding principle is dead simple: Get our clients a strong return on their dollar (ROI) .

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We Help Businesses Generate Millions in New Revenue

We generate new revenue (and profit) for business-savvy lawyers and doctors, with proven digital marketing strategies that consistently deliver a measurable 200%+ ROI. No long-term contracts. No BS. Just results.

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Are you maximizing your earning potential?

As a private-equity investor, I believe that the goal of any investment is to generate a strong risk-adjusted return. Every dollar invested is a tool to achieving that end. And every dollar has an opportunity cost. As business owners, often the most powerful investment vehicle we have is our own business. So the question is whether or not we are effectively using it to maximize our earning potential. 

To get started, schedule a discovery call. If there's a potential fit to work together, we'll evaluate your market to determine the revenue (and profit) potential for your business. Based on our findings, we will put together a pro forma. And if you like our financial projections, we can create a plan to actualize our forecast, and help you reach your earning potential.

Don't Take our word for it

Proven Track Record of Success

Our Work (and Clients) Speak For Us

“Jason and his team are skilled at what they do…The website and campaigns they developed have brought excellent results. Their work has created the single most important driver of incoming leads in less than 2 years. Without clients, you don’t have a practice. …I was able to turn this ship around. And the primary reason for that was MARSH8’s work.”

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Predicable, Scalable, Profitable

We Help Businesses Do More Business

Google Ads

Our agency focuses exclusively on Google Ads campaigns. When it comes to building a predictable, scalable, and profitable pipeline of new prospects, Google Ads is most high-intent channel available. Be right there at the top of Google Search when your highest-value prospects are looking for the services you provide. Google Ads can be a potent channel in your overall marketing mix.

Data-Driven Analysis

We like to say that we're not just a data-driven agency, but an ROI-driven agency. While that's true, the only way to extract the best performance from a campaign and deliver the highest ROI is to comb through the data, determine what is working (and what isn't) and use that information to form the basis of the ongoing strategy for the campaign. Through this process we remove the guess work and subjectivity.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

For every campaign we run, we created dedicated landing pages that are designed to do one thing: turn clicks and traffic into new leads and sales opportunities. This is one of the most critical components of a successful Google Ads campaign. It's simple; a higher conversion rate leads to more opportunities. So without a well-thought-out landing page and conversion rate strategy, money is being left on the tale. 

Monthly Reporting

This is where the rubber meets the road. How much money is your campaign earning for your business? Each monthly we provide a report to tell you exactly that. No fancy, colorful PDFs. No BS. Our reporting is straight to the point. We outline exactly how much you spent, how much traffic, leads, and new customers you acquired. And, what the cost was to acquire those customers, the projected revenue, and gross profit that was earned. 

Who We Work With

Are We a Good Fit For You?

We work with savvy, growth-oriented business owners that...

Understand and appreciate the potential value (and risks) of the internet as a marketing channel to grow your business

Are willing to invest with an expectation of a Return on Investment

Will be supportive and collaborative partner in the process

Have a strong intake, follow up, and sales process to properly handle the inbound leads being generated, to fully realize the value of the campaign and investment

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